Real Leather Goods! Now For Wholesale Customers Only!  

  • Real Leather Goods!
    Now For Wholesale Customers Only!  

  • EUROPEAN MUFFIN LINERS made from premium baking cups paper from Europe, PETANI tulip cupcake liners separate easily from the cakes, help cake retain its shape, and the unique design looks inviting
  • OVEN SAFE CUPCAKE CASE because jumbo cupcake liners papers can withstand temperatures of up to 220°C/425°F, come in 5 multi colours that don’t fade after baking, and cupcake wraps are FDA tested
  • LARGE CUPCAKE LINERS sized 2”x 2.3”x 3.2”, parchment paper cupcake liners fit all standard / large cupcake pans / jumbo muffin pan, hold up to 3 Oz of batter, pack of 150 – be it homes, bakeries, cafes stores
  • RUSTIC CUPCAKE WRAPPERS, beautiful tulip baking cups add a touch of sophistication to your cupcake baking pan and make your cupcakes look elegant, rustic & cute in their simple yet graceful design
  • PREVENTS MESSY BAKING and avoid large or small brown cupcake liners, keep counters, popover pan, cupcakes tins & oven free from messy batter drips, and do-away with the efforts of scrubbing & cleaning

Tulip Cupcake Liners, 150 Brown Parchment Paper Baking Cups, Standard Muffin Liners Pan by PETANI

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* Prices are FOB Odessa, Ukraine. We also have an opportunity on DDP delivery whatever is more convenient for your company.

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